Welbeck: I’ve Envisaged Arsenal Move For Some Time


Danny Welbeck has had his first interview as an Arsenal player. The striker seems very excited about playing for our club and had nothing but nice things to say. All quotes are from Arsenal.com.

First Welbeck was asked on what it felt to be playing for Arsenal, the 23 year old replied: “It’s exciting times for me. It’s great to be a part of this club and it’s a team that I’ve always watched in the Premier League. I’ve envisaged myself playing in this team before. For it to finally happen is very exciting.

“It went right down to the wire in the end. It’s difficult to say how I felt at the [different] times of each day because the deal was on and then it was off but at the end of the day I’m an Arsenal player and I couldn’t be any happier at the moment.”

He couldn’t be any happier he says, that’s what we like to hear. But what is perhaps more interesting is the fact he says he’s watched Arsenal for some time and ‘envisaged’ playing for them. That might hurt a few Manchester United fans.

Pictures: Danny Welbeck in an Arsenal shirt. 

He was then asked whether he felt Arsenal were a team on the up:

“Yeah definitely. They’ve done well in recent years and last year we got the FA Cup and I feel like it’s time where we could really push on and try and challenge for the Premier League title. 

“I’d like to bring pace and power to the game. At Arsenal, we’re not short of combination football and I like to join in on that and get in behind defenders and try to get shots off at goal. I want to score some goals”

Goals. Yes Danny that’s what we’d like you to score too. He likes combination play so it seems he’ll slot perfectly into the vacant striker role. Going in behind defenders but also linking up with our midfield is something not many (if any) of our strikers are capable of. I actually have a really good feeling about this move. His finishing might not be the best to begin with, but Welbeck’s got a real passion to do well and also all the necessary attributes to be a success.

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