VOTE: What Is Arsenal’s Strongest Line Up? Have Your Say


We were thinking of writing an article about Arsenal’s strongest line up, but really weren’t certain ourselves. So I thought, why not ask the audience? That’s where you come in. Fill out our polls below to vote for each players in each position, and we’ll review the results later in the week!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. Results will be published on Tuesday night.

Thank you for voting! We will tweet the results @Fresh_Arsenal in 24 hours or so!

With a lack of a defensive midfielder in the side, everyones line ups may be quite attacking in order to fit in the most talented midfielders. I’d personally go with a midfield duo of Wilshere and Ramsey as otherwise one of them would have to be left out of the line up – which I don’t think would be right.

There will be some interesting calls to make, especially in midfield and upfront, where there are many options at Arsene Wenger’s disposal.

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