VIDEO: Humble Özil Doesn’t Want Praise For Near Perfect Performance


Mesut Özil produced an absolutely outstanding performance in Arsenal’s 5-0 win against Aston Villa on Sunday, but the German doesn’t want to be praised for it!

Embed from Getty Images

In a post-match interview with Theo Walcott, the Sky Sports reporter asked the pacey winger to explain just how important Mesut is to the team – something which Özil didn’t seem to keen for Theo to share.

‘Don’t say too much for me,’ the playmaker joked, before pleading with Walcott to ‘say nothing’ about his man of the match performance.

Although the comments were in jest, the incident highlighted a pleasing modest side to the German star – something that will only endear him to the Arsenal faithful even more.

You can see the full interview below.

Özil has scored twice since returning from injury against Brighton, and he looks to have worked hard on his physical strength in training in order to improve his ability to maintain possession under aggressive challenges. His return could be vital in Arsenal’s remaining games this season. Let’s hope he’ll allow himself a little more praise if he helps us to win another trophy this season. He certainly deserves it.

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