Update: Alexis & Ozil Extensions Are Going Ahead, But There’s A Problem


If you’re anything like me, then securing the futures of Alexis and Mesut Ozil is just as much of a worry than our chances of keeping up in the title race.

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Whilst Arsene Wenger has ensured the negotiations are in motion, recent results have cast a huge shadow over the chance of our superstars committing their future to the club.

Reports for the last few weeks have drilled into the Gunners for their reluctance to get the chequebook out and pay the duo whatever they’re asking.

But this is Arsenal Football Club, and as long as we’re under the careful management of Wenger, it won’t be as simple as throwing a suitcase of money at the pair to reel them in.

Not only is their wage an issue, concerns have grown over the future of the club and who will be managing after Wenger has gone – which doesn’t help when we don’t know WHEN he’ll leave.

However, in the midst of Alexis’ heated reaction to the 3-3 draw at Bournemouth, it’s been revealed the Chilean is closer to signing on the dotted line than many might think.

According to Spanish journalist Kike Marin, the extensions are incredibly complicated to fill out due to the amount of money they’re both requesting.

His update also goes on to mention that the hold-up is primarily with Mesut Ozil, who seemed to be the one that needed less persuasion to stay on with the club.

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Both have picked up two FA Cup trophies in their short time with Arsenal, but now they want assurances that everything will be done to increase the chance of landing more silverware.

It’s not much to go off, but from what Marin is saying it seems Alexis is closer to signing a new deal, which might surprise the majority of us given his behaviour in recent games.

Wenger was quick to imply the 28-year-old’s reaction was purely down to disappointment in not winning the game and quashed any rumours that he was angry with teammates.

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