Three Things We Learnt About Arsenal In Abysmal Stoke Showing

I think we all owe it to one another to be quick with the introduction, we all know what happened today and most of us out their would rather not talk about it again.

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Most of us. But the fact is we need to talk more about what is going wrong at the club, and here you can check out just three of the main  points we need to start realising.

Now nobody fancies an away trip to Stoke, not Wenger, not the fans and especially not Aaron Ramsey! And with our December campaign already off to a unconvinving start, is all of this just paving the way for Wenger to surely splash out what could be his last transfer window in January?

But for now, let’s focus on what happened today, here are three things we learnt today in the 3-2 loss to Stoke City…

1 – Joel Campbell Doesn’t Deserve This

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The one thing that annoyed Arsenal fans just as much as the defeat today, after Wenger chopped and changed his mind over the deployment of Joel Campbell into the Gunners attack.

We were 3-2 down and looking to get back into the game, but for ten minutes in between Ramsey’s goal, we were missing something. That something could have quite easily come in the shape of the Costa Rican winger, who boasts the ability of a sharp left foot strike and more than enough pace to beat the slow and tired defenders of Robert Huth and Ryan Shawcross.

At 78 minutes, Wenger instructed Campbell to get ready to go on. What Campbell didn’t realise is that Wenger thought it takes Campbell 10 minutes to get undressed. The striker was eventually brought into the game on the 89th minute. Pathetic.

A player with Campbell’s ability doesn’t deserve to be sat on the bench week in, week out. He is a different player to that of Welbeck and Giroud, and is something different to come off the bench rather than Podolski. The 23-year-old has worked for three years to get a work permit to play for Arsenal, and this is how we treat that dedication?

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