‘The Main Aim Is To Win The Champions League With Arsenal’ Midfielder Speaks Out


Mesut Ozil has suggested that the main aim for him and Arsenal is to win the Champions League. The German was talking following the Gunners second FA Cup since he arrived at the club. 

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Ozil was quizzed on what he felt were his biggest goals in his career: “Well, winning the World Cup is obviously the pinnacle for us players because it’s the biggest event in football,” Ozil told SportReview.

“Among clubs, the Champions League is similarly the greatest title available and at Arsenal our aim is to win this title and I want to win it as a player.

“That’s why we want to do everything in our power to fulfil this objective along with winning more domestic honours, of course!”

It comes down to personal preference, whether a fan would prefer to win the Premier League or Champions League – but for me I’d have to agree with Ozil. That is mainly because I still regularly reminisce about the final in 2006 and wonder whether we will ever get a better chance.

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Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have never won the Champions League and surely if we were to manage that it would top off the Frenchman’s career and add more gloss to the Gunners history.

I’m not sure which Wenger would prefer, I have a feeling it would be the Champions League too, but publicly he seems to always stress that winning the domestic title is the biggest achievement for a club.

Ozil is still just 26 years old and has won back to back trophies with the Gunners since his arrival in 2013 – he will hope he can achieve major honours at the club, he still has plenty of time.

What do you think? What is the most important for Arsenal and which would you rather we won? Comment below or tweet us @Fresh_Arsenal

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