Reliable Journalist Provides Update On Arsenal’s Transfer Activity


It’s been a pretty familiar transfer window to what we’re used to seeing from Arsenal, and frustration is beginning to boil over ahead of the new season.

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However, amongst all of the newspaper claims and ‘Twitter exclusives’ there’s one man who stands above the rest to give Gunners fans an honest update on transfer activity,

Known for his close connections with Arsene Wenger’s side, David Ornstein of BBC Sport has spoken out about who could be coming through the doors at London Colney soon.

During a live Q&A that took place on Facebook, the journalist confirmed that Arsenal were interested in a number of targets this summer, but the deals were yet to pick up from the ground.

A lot of you have been asking about Arsenal transfers.

We mentioned one of them before. Mahrez, is there anything there? Well, certainly no talks between the clubs yet.

There’s also a lot of rumours around Alexandre Lacazette at Lyon, the word coming out of Lyon is they’re not willing to sell Lacazette. Will Arsenal go in with a much bigger bid than they posted around June time, that’s one we’ll have to wait and see on.

Mustafi, the German centre-half at Valencia, I think there is some interest but certainly no talks have taken place just yet.

So a pretty conclusive update from the man who very rarely gets it wrong when it comes to fresh faces at the Gunners, and some positive news that Arsenal are interested in the trio.

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The most likely to get over the line remains the Shkodran Mustafi deal due to it being the position crying out to be filled following the long-term injury to Mertesacker.

The thing you have to understand about Ornstein is that he remains incredibly coy on transfers, and only really speaks up about any news when something concrete is on the cards.

It will yet again be a waiting game but following that Q&A from Wednesday night reports are breaking that the Gunners are desperate to get Mustafi completed before the Liverpool tie on August 14th.

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