‘He Should Be Released’ Arsenal Fans Want Midfielder Gone After Horrific Performance vs. Bayern Munich


Arsenal were absolutely shambolic against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night, but there was one playing that really stood out as a weak link in the starting eleven.

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Before the game many fans wanted to see Mohammed Elneny start, but Francis Coquelin was selected and his performance was extremely poor. Coquelin did nothing on or off the ball as the Gunners flopped to a disturbing 5-1 defeat.

Coquelin was one of the many Arsenal players that played extremely poorly, but the Frenchman’s lackluster display in central midfield helped illustrate the extreme differences in quality between the two clubs midfield. Coquelin was never going to dominate the ball, or do much with it, but the fact he only completed 6 passes is absolutely abysmal. If he’s not going to do anything with the ball then surely he’s got to add a lot of it. He didn’t. Incredibly Francis made 0 tackles. In a game where Bayern had all the ball you would expect him to make double figures in terms of tackles and interceptions, but no, 0.

What is his purpose?

He also made a terrible error to allow Robben to score the first goal, allowing the Dutchman to cut inside onto his strongest left foot and curl into the top corner. It was a brilliant finish, but Coquelin should not have allowed that situation to occur.

Here’s some reaction to his performance vs. Bayern.



Wenger must be held accountable too. His truly shocking team selection and strategy for this game, and all big games this season has been terrible. Bayern were terrific, but this is not the first time the Gunners have collapsed in a big away game. In fact, they do it every single time. It is really hard to see him ever succeeding at the club again and surely it is time for him to go now.

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