QPR v Arsenal: Player To Watch

Arsenal will be looking to continue an impressive run of form in the Premier League tonight, as they head down the road to QPR’s Loftus Road.

The Gunners are aiming to snatch their seventh away win of the season, and in the process maintain a hotly contested position at third in the table.

Last Sunday saw all eyes focused on one man, Olivier Giroud, who managed to bounce back with a goal after a dismal performance against Monaco. This week however, Arsenal fans must pay attention to one Gunner in particular, as he aims re-establish his finest form.

Alexis Sanchez

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Now I know what you’re probably all thinking as you read this, that it’s yet another article that boasts about Alexis and how amazing he is. Actually, it’s quite the opposite.

Ever since that knock he picked up against Brighton, Alexis Sanchez has struggled to find his feet again. He hasn’t found the net since the 11th of January, which is unlike the man who currently stands as our top goalscorer.

Despite performances being average recently for the £36m man, Arsene Wenger is reluctant to drop him. His belief is never down, but a player of his calibre needs goals to feed off of, much like Giroud’s situation up front.

Of course, you have to look at the return of Mesut Ozil being an influence on his individual game, as Sanchez only has one assist in seven games since the German returned from a long-term absence.

But does that get Alexis down, no. He knows he can’t be the star man every week, which is why he will never stop putting his all-in for the team, something that has been proven by the extra time he’s spending out on the training ground.

Now this isn’t the possible end of Alexis’ career I’m talking about, but this game is the chance for him to get his goalscoring form back up, and with it, some confidence going into the Monaco and Manchester United games.

This is a game in which Alexis will be allowed to shine, and if Ozil does get a rest tonight it will be his chance to run the show again. 9 months ago, this QPR side were defending against Championship opposition, but a world-class player like Alexis is an almighty difference, and will run riot over a side that boasts one of the worst defensive records in the league.

There’s still uncertainty over the line-up Wenger will opt for tonight, with a hotly anticipated FA Cup game on Monday night. However, we’re sure to see Alexis feature at some stage, and it could provide the pick me up he really needs.



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