‘Opportunity Wasted’: Arsenal Fans React On Twitter After Southampton Loss


Fortunately for me (at least) I missed the abysmal game played (loosest possible term of phrase there) against Southampton. I wonder if the Arsenal squad, like me, were still clearing their head from the excesses of New Years Eve. I doubt it very much but clearly none of the Arsenal players have much of a memory; how the Saints beat us at home in the Capital One Cup back in September or how Arsenal only managed to beat them at home four weeks previously due to an 89th minute clincher from Alexis Sánchez.

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Yet again, we threw it all away – embarrassingly so.

According to Per Mertesacker the first goal that Southampton scored had something to do with wind!

Though the wind wasn’t credited with the first assist … there’s only one person who can be blamed for assisting both goals …

One fan was so incensed by Arsenal’s performance, or lack of it, that he confronted Arsène Wenger on the touchline and has since been charged for his troubles:

On the other side of the coin another Arsenal fan was left speechless (eventually) when interviewed by ArsenalFanTV the end of the match:

Had Arsenal won yesterday’s match we would have been above both Southampton and Spurs – back into fourth instead of sixth place in the table. I’m actually starting to worry that I’ll no longer be able to say our usual or favourite (fourth) position To add salt to the festering wound another embarrassment for Arsenal, it turns out that Spurs’ man of the moment, Harry Kane, was once on their books.

On Sunday 4th January Arsenal face Hull City at home in the FA Cup. This will be Arsenal’s fourth game played in ten days. Absence through injury and an unnecessary red card as well as fatigue from those left in the team who are still fit to play could prove very interesting indeed. Let us all hope and pray there is not too much burnout from these festive fixtures to see us through to the next round.

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