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‘Famous Arsenal Fans’ (Part One): Exclusive Interview with Wretch 32
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Jermaine Scott, better known as Wretch 32, grew up in Tottenham, North London. At one point, during his teenage years, the rapper lived on White Hart Lane, minutes away from the home ground of Arsenal’s bitter rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. Despite this, Wretch is an Arsenal fan, indefinitely, and has been since he was a kid. When discussing Arsenal with him, you immediately realise how knowledgeable, insightful and enthusiastic he is about the club. During an interview with Fresh Arsenal writer Darren Borg, Wretch reveals who is his all-time favourite Arsenal player, his thoughts on Arsène Wenger and where he thinks Arsenal will finish in the League this season.

Here is the interview:

  1. How did you first become interested in Arsenal?

I first became interested in Arsenal because of Ian Wright. I mean, I admired his footballing capabilities, but also his whole attitude and ethos on the pitch.


  1. Did you go to any games when you were younger?

I went to one game. A mate of mine’s Auntie took us to Highbury. We were playing Man City. I think we won 2-1, I remember Kevin Campbell scored. That was the one game I could afford to go to, and it was through a friend, so I was lucky. It was incredible, you know, to be part of the atmosphere, to see people you see on the television right in front of you. You just take it all in. You can imagine (how I felt) as a kid who wasn’t really able to go to these places.


  1. Okay, so Ian Wright is your all-time favourite Arsenal player, who is your favourite current Arsenal player?

Current favourite player… I’d say (Alex) Ox-Chamberlain. He’s a mate of mine. I love that when he comes on he’s raring to go. He’s the Ox, man. His energy is second to none, he chases every ball and he always looks like he wants to score.


  1. Other than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, do you know any of the other Arsenal team personally?

I know (Wojciech) Szczęsny. He’s a cool dude, man. He’s got me tickets before. He hit me up and was like “I’ve got some tickets for the game” and he came and to my house to give them to me. He’s just a cool guy!


  1. Are you a fan of Arsène Wenger? Who would be your dream man to manage Arsenal if Wenger’s reign at the club ended?

I like Wenger, man. I really like Wenger. I think he’s done well by the club, overall. Obviously we’ve had our ups and downs, at the moment we’re having a bit of a down, but he’s still the man. If I had to replace him, like if he got on a plane and never came back, my dream replacement would be (Jose) Mourinho. I know everyone’s going to hate on that but he can really boost a club, so credit where credit’s due.



  1. Have you been impressed with Alexis Sánchez so far this season?

Yeah! It took me a while to get used to him though, at the very beginning I thought he was a bit greedy and didn’t think he was quite delivering, but then, a couple of games in, I started to become a fan. He’s really helped the club. He’s scoring goals consistently and he’s very entertaining to watch. He’s willing to take on players, which I enjoy to see, particularly when I’m watching games with my little boy.


  1. Did you watch the FA Cup Final in May? Was it a relief to finally win a trophy after the 9-year wait?

Yeah, I watched it. Obviously we hadn’t won a cup in 9 years, so I was ecstatic, man. I was like “Now I can shut those Man U supporters up!” as a lot of my mates support Manchester United. Me and Tinchy Stryder, who’s a United fan, have a bit of banter usually.


  1. Where do you think Arsenal will finish in the Premier League table this season?

Top 3. Realistically, I think Top 3. We just have to be more consistent.


  1. Finally, what’s your prediction for the Arsenal-Manchester United game at the weekend?

I’m hoping 2-1 to us, goals from Sánchez and the Ox!


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Part Two of ‘Famous Arsenal Fans’ is coming soon.

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