Arsene Wenger: Alexis Sanchez ‘Could Have Died’ On Sunday


Arsene Wenger has claimed Alexis Sanchez ‘could have died’ following a push from Ryan Bennett last Sunday.

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During the Gunners 1-1 draw in Norwich, Alexis was pushed into a camera and advertising boards by Ryan Bennett and although he didn’t die, according to Wenger – he could’ve.

“First of all it’s dangerous to have a camera there,” Wenger said.

“He could’ve killed him. He didn’t need to push like he did. I think the camera position was absolutely dangerous.”

I do agree that having a camera there in some sort of pit; does seem silly. Whether Bennett intentionally pushed him or not, I’m not sure. It did seem like an innocent attempt to slow down, using Alexis’ body weight – rather than a malicious push.

Bennett, tweeted after the match  “Genuinely was trying to stop not push Sanchez just to clear that up.”

I believe him – but although Wenger saying Alexis could’ve died may seem a bit OTT – it is true that the set-up at Carrow Road with the cameras does seem dangerous. Perhaps they need to change something to avoid future near-misses like Alexis had.

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