Arsenal’s Puma Kits: A Review


Thursday 10th July marked a big day in the history of Arsenal Football Club. Not only did we secure the services of Barcelona’s world class Chilean attacker, Alexis Sanchez. We also unveiled the squad in the new Puma strip, which, at £150million, is the most lucrative kit deal in British football history.

Both Puma and the club went to great lengths to make sure that the unveiling of the new kits was memorable, and they surely succeeded. A water projection of Arsène Wenger introduced the home, away and third kits in front of the London eye on the bank of the river Thames. The projections then changed to Arsenal stars showing off their tricks while wearing the new kits.

We’ll start with the third kit, which as usually takes up the role of the ugly cousin to the home and away kits. It isn’t the worst, I suppose. It’s blue, as our third kits have often been, but it has thin green lines accompanying the diagonal blue stripes. I’m not a big fan of that. It does put me in mind of the blue 1995/96 kit, there’s just a little less Fresh Prince about it.

Secondly, the home kit. Red, white, simple and classy. I really like it. And I love the red and white striped socks; I’ve missed those. It has got all the essentials but brings with it an air of modernism (i.e. the incredibly tight fit). Luckily for you and I, if you suffer from the condition known as ‘beer belly,’ there is a looser fitting alternative for fans.

Finally, the away kit. It’s my favourite of the three and I absolutely love it. The instant you look at it, Anfield ’89 pops in to your head with the image of Michael Thomas dinking the ball in the net as Brian Moore shouts, “It’s up for grabs now!” It has a really classic feel about it and I’m hoping that we have another Michael Thomas moment this season. I’m going to enjoy watching the boys play away this year.

After the last 9 years, when the club was in a ‘transition period,’ it seems as if Arsène’s master plan has succeeded. We are signing proven, World Class players and our new Puma kit will launch us in to a new era of Arsenal Football Club. So sit back and enjoy it, Gooners, It’s going to a successful one.


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