Arsenal Tweets Of The Week


Every week I’ll be bringing you Arsenal Tweets of the Week. This is a roundup from a small selection of Arsenal-related tweets chosen by me. I’m always interested to see what Brohan Cruyff of @TheShortFuse has to say on his Twitter feed. Particularly since I saw the feed in which numerous US Arsenal fans said that UK Arsenal fans shouldn’t get a ticket allocation for Henry’s Exhibition match at Red Bull Arena. We’re all Arsenal fans and surely we’re all on the same side aren’t we? OK so there’s a great, massive pond between us but what’s that between friends? I have to say though that Cruyff and his team on The Short Fuse come out with some real blinders. Definitely worth a follow. The comment below refers to a recent blog where allegedly Messi “seriously considered” a move to Arsenal before renewing his contract with Barcelona last spring.

Jack Wilshire has recently been branded a bad boy in an article by the Daily Mail or smoking and drinking in public. Here, a fan wonders why Jack has taken to smoking cigarettes during a training session. And surely, it’s not allowed for health and safety reasons, vis a vis smoking at work policies even if it is outdoors?

You’d have to be in Timbuktu not to know that Arsenal are visiting New York this week. As usual there’s been some high jinks and the lads have been busy preparing. Watch and listen to the lads practising the lingo.

And here is the New York Red Bulls’ response, with a little bit of help from Ian Wright’s son, Bradley Wright-Phillips. Gotta love a bit of James Bond and Chris Duvall does it particularly well, although in my opinion Connor Lade is the overall winner.

Although it’s not been officially touted as such, we all know the reason that Arsenal have come to New York is in honour of our ex-Captain Thierry Henry, who now happens to be the captain of the New York Red Bulls. In case you wondered he’s also breaking some records on goal-scoring and assists for RBNY. This picture, of Henry and Wenger is just magical. To me it says more than just mentor and mentee. They look so comfortable in each other’s presence and this moment of tenderness (or at least that’s how I see it) smacks of more of a father/son type relationship. I could look at this photograph forever.

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