Arsenal Star Reveals Speed Secret

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin has revealed the secrets to his speedy success at the club this season, in an interview with the club’s official website.

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Bellerin, who has been a stand-out performer this season for Arsenal due to the injury absence of Mathieu Debuchy, states his speed is down to a mixture of raw talent and training.

The Spaniard broke Theo Walcott’s 40m sprint record at the beginning of the campaign to cement himself as the fastest player ever, whilst his emergence onto the first-team picture has been just as explosive.

Trying to explain his super-speed, Bellerin said:

“Some people are born fast,”

I’ve always been pretty quick for my whole career. It gets to the point that you have to do something about it. For the past two years I’ve been working a lot on the power in my legs – all of that has helped me.”

“Everything you do off the pitch always shows so you have to work on yourself physically as well, it’s not just working on your touch. That’s probably the secret. I doubt I’m the fastest player in the world!”

“We took a test in the summer and I broke the club record, so I guess I am the fastest at the club but throughout the season injuries come along and you never know whether you are the fastest player at that exact time.”

“It was a surprise for me but it proves that the hard work you do behind the scenes helps you on the pitch. I’ve never raced. I’ve only ever played football so I’ve never done athletics. It’s helped me throughout my career because speed is a good asset to have.”

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