Arsenal Fans Will Do This To Overthrow Wenger Despite Widespread Criticism


Arsenal fans aren’t exactly shy when it comes to making their feelings at the club known, but could this be a step too far?

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According to a number of sources, a group of Gunners supporters will collectively march in protest of Arsene Wenger staying on as the club’s manager for a 22nd season.

The march will take place before Arsenal’s second-leg Champions League tie against Bayern Munich on march 11th, a competition they are surely out of.

Wenger has been on the back-end of criticism following his dismissal from Arsenal’s 2-1 win over Burnley, with defeats to Chelsea, Watford and Bayern following it.

The protests are being led by Arsenal Fan TV’s DT, who has repeatedly stated his hate for the Arsenal manager and what he has created at the North London club.

Fans have grown tired of the same old season repeating itself, and DT believes that unless he and other supporters group together to voice their frustration, nothing will change.

A similar campaign was launched last season as Arsenal dropped out of the FA Cup, Champions League and title race within a matter of weeks.

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However, as we know there’s a two-year extension on the table, many of Arsenal’s top players don’t agree with the fans and would love Wenger to sign on the dotted line.

Laurent Koscielny, Hector Bellerin, Olivier Giroud, Francis Coquelin, Santi Cazorla and Per Mertesacker have all extended their contracts despite the uncertainty surrounding the boss’ situation.

Mesut Ozil recently stated that Wenger’s position at the club was a key factor to him staying, whilst there’s been no progress with Alexis Sanchez’s contract either.

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Whether or not these protests will do anything to change the opinion of the Arsenal board remains to be seen, but it will certainly generate a bad mood around the Emirates.

Whilst a lot of supporters admit it’s time for Wenger to go, a vast majority don’t believe he should be hounded out of the club – so there could be trouble outside the ground on Champions League night.

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