Arsenal Have Already Made Their Most Important Summer Signing


Broadly speaking, there are two main groups of Arsenal fans when it comes to Arsène Wenger. There is the ‘Arsène Knows Best’ posse (the AKB) and the ‘Wenger Out Brigade’ (the WOB). It’s sad really, that a fan group can be so bitterly divided. Some of the arguments that arise on Twitter are tragic.

In light of the contract that Wenger has just signed, there will be two main feelings amongst the two groups. Elation and desperation. No prizes for guessing which word matches which group.

Personally, I’m very happy that Arsène has signed a new deal. The team are at a point where they are almost ready to challenge for the league again, we’ve just won the FA Cup and it would seem that our transfer policy has changed for the better.

I don’t see a plus side to changing the manager now when this ‘transition’ period we have apparently been in seems to be over and positive change is coming about. This is what Arsène has been working towards, he’s maintained that over the years, and finally it seems to be coming together. The FA Cup win is an initial sign of that, and more trophies will have to follow to fully validate it.

On top of that, whether or not you are a Wenger fan, one thing is unequivocally and indisputably clear; Arsene Wenger has worldwide appeal to players. If this doesn’t convince you, take to Google and have a look at Mesut Özil’s interview just after he joined us. Or, if you want a more recent example, Serge Aurier is the latest player to admit his interest in playing under Le Professeur.

Mesut Özil has had a relatively good, but relatively tough first season at Arsenal. He’s looked a little put out at times. Given his comments about the role Arsène played in bringing him to the Emirates, the importance of Wenger’s new contract cannot be overstated in terms of the affect it will have on Mesut’s future. He is a world-class player and he will reach his best again and with Arsène there to guide him he will reach that level again much sooner.

Arsenal are a massive club, that much is obvious. Lorenzo Insigne this week said that it was and ‘honour’ to be linked with Arsenal. What is more obvious is that with Arsène at the helm, the appeal is greater still.

The reservation I have concerning Arsène’s new deal is its length. Whether or not you believe he has done a good job over the last nine years is irrelevant. The fact is that in that time he has won just one trophy, the 2014 FA Cup.

A 3-year deal worth a reported £8.5million a year makes for some incredible reading given the clubs recent shortcomings in the silverware department. Let’s hope Wenger justifies the club for the contract they have given him. What do you think about his extended deal? Let us know by commenting below.

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