The Three Most Interesting Pieces Of Arsenal News From This Week

Is Cesc coming back? | Photo via Ronnie MacDonald
Fabregas looks set to join Chelsea – Photo via Ronnie MacDonald

1. Cesc Fabregas isn’t coming home

It’s happening again. Fabregas. It’s everywhere. Plastered on newspapers and websites across England, Spain… The world. The immortal rumour that keeps pulling us in and spitting us back out. Only this time, it’s worse. It isn’t a question of whether we get him or he stays at Barcelona. It’s a question of is he going to Chelsea or are we going to step in and bring him home. It’s not looking good. We all want him. We all know we don’t need him. We’re all dreading the possibility that he might go to Chelsea and there is nothing we can do about any of it.

If we pass up the opportunity to sign him, he can’t be blamed for going to Chelsea. He’s not having a good time at Barca, they want rid of him and he has to further his career. He can’t turn down a job because a few fans may not be happy about it. It will be an odd situation though. I like Fabregas, but I’m innately hardwired to dislike Chelsea players, fans and managers. I’m not sure what the right protocol would be should I happen to meet him wandering around London. Do I boo him in the street and throw rotten fruit at his head, hoping that the little bit of Mourinho that is now camped in there gets caught in the eye with a pip. Or do I still run up to him, give him a long, heartfelt hug and ask him to sign my boobs and take a selfie with me? Either way I will feel deeply uncomfortable. Use the page numbers below to see the other interesting pieces of Arsenal news from this week. 

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