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Sead Kolasinac: 3 Reasons He’s The Perfect Signing For Arsenal Right Now

3 – Arsenal Are Getting With The Times

When everyone reads these stories of Kolasinac joining, the first thing that’s said is ‘well you’ve got him on a free so he must be crap’.

Well, not exactly! It’s believed Kolasinac will earn £120,000 a week when he joins the Gunners on July 1st, which is pretty ridiculous for a defender.

He won’t be selling out of shirts and he’s hardly gonna become the poster boy for every 10-year-old on their bedroom wall – so why so much Arsenal?

The answer is pretty simple, even if it’s not pretty. Money talks in football these days and it’s probably the main reason Kolasinac chose the Gunners.

His wage demands will now have the rest of the squad turning around to the board and saying ‘hang on, why aren’t I getting that much’ – which is a good thing.

A 23-year-old who hasn’t even proved himself at Arsenal on £120,000 a week? If Arsenal can justify that, then what’s stopping them with other players?

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are both requesting wage structures north of £250,000 a week, which on the contrary is completely fair in my eyes.

Sure, it’s stupid money but football is becoming pretty stupid and just because some 18-year-old on Twitter is moaning about it, doesn’t mean it’ll change!

Arsenal are starting to dust off the cheque book a bit more and this is one of the first signs that they will play hard ball against some of their Premier League rivals!

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