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3 Standout Things We Learned As Arsenal Fell To A Premier League Low

3 – Title Winning Team On Paper? League Losers On Match-day

Right, here goes then, my assessment of the current situation.

Remember those days at the start of the season when we were gonna win the league and our new signings were essentially the answer to all of our problems?

Well, things have changed pretty fast and there’s one reason for that, and he can be found sitting in the main seat of the dugout on a match-day.

Arsene Wenger just hasn’t got the energy to lead this team into success anymore, and the recent performances of these players suggest exactly that.

I liken the situation to Jose Mourinho’s dreadful season with Chelsea that led to his sacking and inevitably the surge of success that Antonio Conte has brought.

The West Brom result just shows that these players are no longer driven to play under their manager, and things have become stale in attack.

Wenger said it himself, over 70% possession but barely any chances created – but no Plan B to change the way we get past their lucrative defensive line-up.

These players ARE good enough to win a league title but they’ve become too comfortable with their positions and are lacking a passionate leader to put them into place.

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